Are published, in Dutch and in French, the rulings of the Court which hold a significant legal scope. In principle the ruling is deemed important whenever there is no case law regarding that point of law, if there has been no similar case in the last five years or if the ruling has been made in a different context.

In addition to the rulings, are mentioned key-words, a summary and the interpreted legal provisions. Each month the Court of cassation gives an overview of the latest key-words, summaries and interpreted legal provisions, sorted following the key-words found in “Libercas”. Furthermore, the “Libercas” key-word archives going back to 1994 is available. The same information organized by legal provisions are available on “Casslex”. Libercas et Casslex are published both in French and in Dutch. Thus, “Tradcas”, a bilingual publication was created. This periodical contains the same information as Libercas and Casslex but has a different layout as it places the ruling and its translation en vis-à-vis and orders the rulings by roll number.

Before the digital era, the rulings of the Court of cassation were published in two books: "Arresten van het Hof van Cassatie (in Dutch) and Pasicrisie (in French). Now, the majority of these hard prints are digitalized and available on online databases. Both publications are still issued today.

Hereafter on this webpage you will find: links to the JUPORTAL and ECLI search engines followed by links to the digitalized versions of Arresten van het Hof van Cassatie and of Pasicrisie and eventually, links to Casslex, Libercas and Tradcas.